Buscando (Searching, To Look)

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Buscando (Searching, To Look)

C. Morey de Morand Solo Exhibition in the Municipal Museum Ramón M ª Aller Lalin



The characteristics that define the paintings of C. Morey de Morand were evident last year at the museum in the Riverside Artists Group presentation and again this year when Morey de Morand was selected for the X Biennial Artist Lax.  Both these artistic and cultural events, the most important of the last year, have generated many expectations for her strong originality, within the plurality ​​of current contemporary plastic art practices.  In the work of this artist, the colour and dynamic potential generator of forms, leads to temporal-spatial interaction of geometric shapes, helping to expand the field of inquiries on the painted surface, releasing the material from its descriptive function and enriching the visual artistic vocabulary. The complexity of its composition, the perception of content beyond the materiality of its fabrication and excellent technical level, highlights a deep and sensitive sensory-spiritual vibration.

In a century of Abstract World-Geometric Art, the vision of Morey de Morand, like that earlier of Piet Mondrian, we could say, is that the geometric is always the basis of the drawing, creating space saving measures, the rules adopted by the artist self-created.  Her paintings use pure painting, strong colours, discovered harmonies, repetitions, ambiguity and startling surprises that, without declaring to be a constructivist, achieve that almost infinite dimension, coming to touch the long-sought fourth dimension: the immensity of space, immortalized in all dimensions.

In a Cubist manifesto, G. Apollinaire, (valid for this type of painting), says: 'To esteem purity is to baptize instinct, to humanize the art and to deify personality."   For almost a century, painters and traditions from diverse and distant countries, each with their own discoveriesand perceptions thus agree. Morey de Morand, in a long career, has refined her work to reach a stringent process of synthesis, with a unique colour harmony and contrast of shape-space, figure-background-colour, flat-surface value, these traits making exceptional defining works.


Morey de Morand is perhaps referring to her English compatriot, the sculptor Barbara Hepworth, who in referring to her abstract works wrote: "The work that Abstraction does isto release our personality and sharpen perceptions, so that the observation of life is all, or an inner intention which touches us deeply.  The components have their place, with the detail as significant indication of the unit. "

This presentation of the artist C. Morey de Morand, brilliantly conceived and masterfully conceptualised, presents a sample of three series, with a total of thirty-one works, of which several have never before been exhibited, because recent works. The work of this distinguished artist has been validated and verified by international critics in many different countries: China, Japan, USA, France, Holland and Spain, among others, artistically marking her territory in an upward trajectory, to recognition today as one of the important practitioners of contemporary Art.

Cecilia Doporto Regueira
Licencia den Historia del Arte
Specialty Heritage and Contemporary Art